Need Some Advice on the Best Splashback Tiles?

There are plenty of choices when it comes to tiled kitchen backsplashes. While many people have a tendency to pick ceramic tiles, there are other excellent choices available as well. The first step to choosing the right material for your kitchen is to determine a budget. Homeowners who can afford to hire a tile contractor will not be too worried about the ease of installation; however, those who insist on doing the installation themselves need to seriously think on practicality.

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are the easiest to lay on any floor. Since most of the designs are in large sheets which can be adhered to the wall, little effort is needed on the homeowner’s part. If cost is not a concern, then this opens up many more materials to choose from, although most will have to be installed by a professional tile contractor.

Apart from ceramic and porcelain, glass and stone are getting increasingly popular. Stone tiles are an excellent choice, which work well with a stone countertop. They can be granite, limestone, and even small pebbles which jut out from the wall. Textured, beautiful and simply unique, stone tile backsplashes are an idea which should not be discounted.

Similarly, glass makes a bold statement. They create a modern feel, which does appeal to most homeowners. A glass backsplash comes in numerous colors and shapes. Since it is mostly translucent, strategic placement will allow natural or artificial light to come through them, thus creating an almost ethereal light.

While standard ceramic and porcelain can be interesting also. Look for ones which include colorful designs. Sometimes, French Proven?al and Italian porcelain tiles are found in speciality shops. Other choices are reclaimed, antique, and vinyl adhesive, which give the illusion of tiles.

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