3 Questions to Answer When Selecting the Right Tiles for Your Bath

How to Pick the Most Suitable Ceramic Tiles for Your Bathroom

Installing ceramic tiles in your bathroom is a great decision. They will make your space an oasis of tranquility, peace, and comfort. This particular type of tiles has so many advantages, from reasonable cost and easy maintenance to durability and a variety of styles. But do you know how to make the right choice? You will have to answer the following three questions:

  • Where will they be placed exactly?

As soon as you answer this question, it will be easier for you to select the most suitable size and shape of the tiles. Do you plan to place them on your kitchen floor, bathroom, or walls? Or why not everywhere? Please have in mind that larger tiles have a more distinctive and attractive look while smaller ones are more difficult to install. Also, they all have to be the same size. In addition to this, if you decide to pick square or rectangular tiles, they are much easier to place than those with an irregular shape.

  • What is your budget?

This is another important factor you should not overlook. As you already know, there are numerous ceramic tile options. So their prices vary. When you decide how much you can afford to pay for both materials and installation, your list will be significantly narrowed down.

  • What color and finish would you like to achieve?

Every tile specialist will tell you that all tile shades and finishes look amazing. But not all the alternatives available are suitable for your space. The color and finish of the ceramic tiles you will select will depend on the hues of the cabinets, vanities, etc. You can choose a complete match or try a bold combination of blue and pink, for example.

If you want to comply your choices with the latest trends in bathroom tile, you should turn to Tommy Birdno Two Tone Tile. Our tile installers will be happy to give you a hand and transform your living space. We are in Austin, TX and can be reached at (512) 796-6270.

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